right golf shaft

Even people who spend thousands of dollars on buying best quality golf clubs fail to buy the best shaft. There are many high-quality shafts on the market, but not everyone can match your golf needs precisely. By choosing the right golf shaft, you would be able to enjoy better control and accuracy. Now let us provide tips for finding the best golf shafts. If you are looking for more golf tips, then do not hesitate to browse the Internet. There are many websites and resources to provide tips and tricks. You may also visit http://golftipsmag.com/ to learn more on shafts.

It is always better to choose either a steel or graphite shaft. When introduced in the market, graphite was preferred by the beginners and intermediates because of its lightweight characteristics. Today, the trend has simply changed that even professional players prefer to use graphite shafts. The lightweight property of the graphite shaft makes it easy for the players to achieve higher swing speed. Steel shafts can provide better control because of the increased weight and less flexing capability. You need to test and find out which one will be more suitable.

Flex refers to the ability of the shaft to bend, while you swing. Some people prefer shaft with more flex, while some will prefer with less swing. Choosing a wrong flex will result in the club head hitting the ball inaccurately. The five different types of flex level are regular, senior, ladies, stiff and extra stiff. You should also check the weight of the shaft that you are going to buy. Choosing an ideal weight is very important. The extremely lightweight shaft may not offer enough control, while those with high weight can make it difficult to swing.

You can also buy customized or custom fit golf shafts to precisely meet your playing needs. You ask your shaft dealer for more details.

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