A Guide To Knife Blade Shapes

shapes of blade

We find different varieties of hunting knives and these blade types are modified by makers to add new design dimensions to them, but they all originate from a few basic categories. You should choose the knife and a blade based on your needs. You can find When knives are selected based on the purpose, you will be more satisfied with the outcome. The top survival sites are found on this prepper site. You will not want to take a kitchen knife to skin a game that you caught in one of the www.tripsavvy.com/top-public-deer-hunts-little-rock-2212618 hunting places.
Given below is a summary of common blade types along with its pros and cons.

Needlepoint: The knife which uses this type of blade is called the dagger. It has two blades on either side and hence useful for stabbing or jabbing. You can use this knife to cut on both sides and is used as a self-defense tool.
Pros: Knife has a very sharp edge which is useful in penetrating soft games.
Cons: Cannot be used on hard things and has no edge for slicing.

Gut Hook: This is a unique blade which has a hook-shaped edge on one of the upper side of the knife. Hunters use it for dressing the game. This hook in the knife is placed on the side of the animals and pulled. That hook aids in cutting open the abdomen without piercing the muscle.
Pros: Hunters use it as to dress their trophy as it has a significant edge which is excellent for slicing.
Cons: The edge below the knife cannot be sharpened and so is sharpening the hook of the blade.

Clip point: This is the most common and most used shape. There is a sharpened and an unsharpened edge, while the unsharpened side starts from the handle and ends in the core of the knife. There is a cutout part after this, and that is either curved or straight and also known as the clip. This type of blade is used in the pocket, fixed and Bowie knives.
Pros: Very reliably used for piercing as it has a very sharp and pointed edge. It can also be used for slicing as it has a lot of sharpened surfaces through which you can cut or slice.
Cons: The knife blade point is insufficient and feeble.

Drop point: It is a very multi-purpose blade which is also very popular for its overall utility. Like the clipping, the unsharpened edge starts from the handle but ends at the knife tip in a curved design. It has a tip which is design for excellent control and hence useful in removing the internal organs without damaging it and also to slice a large area of the game you have killed.
Pros: This blade is very sharp but yet provides a lot of control while slicing and removing the internals. It also has a lot of sharpened edges and hence can be used well for slicing.
Cons: Does not have a sharp tip and hence cannot be used for making incisions.